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A-1 Yola - Esham

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A-1 Yola [PA] by 11/5 (Cassette, Jul-1996, Dogday)
A-1 Yola [PA] by 11/5 (Cassette, Jul-1996, Dogday)
Current Bid: 49.98 + 0.00 (shipping) = 49.98 USD
Time Left: 3 days 21 hours 54 minutes 8 seconds
11/5 - A-1 Yola (CD Used Like New)
11/5 - A-1 Yola (CD Used Like New)
Current Bid: 14.84 + 1.99 (shipping) = 16.83 USD
Time Left: 6 days 39 minutes 7 seconds
11/5-A-1 YOLA  CD NEW
11/5-A-1 YOLA CD NEW
Current Bid: 18.89 + 0.00 (shipping) = 18.89 USD
Time Left: 6 days 12 hours 51 minutes 21 seconds
A-1 Yola [PA] by 11/5 (CD, Jul-1996, Dogday) Bay Area G-Funk -Taydatay -Big Mack
A-1 Yola [PA] by 11/5 (CD, Jul-1996, Dogday) Bay Area G-Funk -Taydatay -Big Mack
Current Bid: 18.79 + 11.92 (shipping) = 30.71 USD
Time Left: 11 days 3 hours 38 minutes 39 seconds
Lil Pigg Penn - The Hogg In Me - 1997 Funk Central Records - A1 Yola - rare OOP
Lil Pigg Penn - The Hogg In Me - 1997 Funk Central Records - A1 Yola - rare OOP
Current Bid: 150.35 + 21.58 (shipping) = 171.93 USD
Time Left: 9 days 49 minutes 55 seconds

A-1 Yola



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  • Starring:
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  • Format: CD+DVD
  • Rated:
  • Studio: Psychopathic
  • Theatrical Release Date: Dec 31, 1969
  • DVD Release Date: Apr 19, 2005
  • Run Time:
  • ASIN: B0007YXQMI
  • UPC: 756504404522
  • Sales Rank: 367162
1: Since Day One
2: Turbulence
3: Bolivia
4: Bab 313
5: Just A Hustle + Pill Me
6: Yoca Cola
7: Fall Into The Fire
8: Wicket
9: Enemies
10: Help Me
11: Servin + Full Power
12: Banging Dope
13: One Hundred
14: Gangsta
15: Unhappy + President
16: JB
17: Smiley Faces
Editorial Review from Product Description:
Esham was a name in Detroit before Detroit rap ever made MTV. He was bumpin' trunks and scaring parents before wicked lyrics ever topped the charts. He came up in the streets and keeps to the streets, doin' his thing where it really matters. Keepin' it real - keepin' it ruthless. When he's smooth, he's a fine wine, and when he's real, he's a razorblade. With A-1 Yola Esham brings over 14 years of hip-hop experience back to his roots, back to the hood, and unleashes the painful, powerful truth that only the original acid rapper can. Lethal lyrics and badass beats will take you back to the real Detroit with A-1 Yola, written and produced by the legendary Esham. With over twenty boomin' albums, and considered the godfather of wicked rap, Esham has the experience, skills, and style to take the hip-hop world by force. This album captures the modern Detroit hip-hop sound, and fans of the Psychopathic Records label eagerly await The Boogieman's return to his roots. A-1 Yola joins the other Esham albums available from Psychopathic, as Esham solidies his place amoung the other consistently selling Psychopathic artists. The bonus DVD included in A-1 Yola, is a short film created from various videos shot for each and every track on the album. Most of the film was shot in Detroit, MI and blends together the various tracks from A-1 Yola. Not only did Esham perform in these videos, but also was the primary director and producer of them as well.